Cancer Today Fall 2017

Practical Knowledge. Real Hope.

Published quarterly by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Cancer Today is the authoritative resource for patients, survivors, and caregivers. You'll find the feature stories for the Fall 2017 issue below, or go directly to the Cancer Today site to explore the entire issue as well as Web Exclusives.

Challenges Remain for Kids With Cancer

Survival rates are high for certain types of childhood cancer, but researchers are looking for new therapies for children who don’t respond to standard treatment. By Cameron Walker. Read more.

 Vaccines: Looking Within for Treatment

Researchers are investigating vaccines that can help treat cancer, not just prevent it. By Stephen Ornes. Read more.

 Cancer Control in the Community

Public health campaigns have made a difference in controlling some types of cancer. By Marci A. Landsmann. Read more.

Fearless Friends

Lori Marx-Rubiner and AnneMarie Ciccarella formed a bond through social media and a shared passion for patient advocacy. By Sue Rochman. Read more. Read more.

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