Quantcast About Cancer

​​​​About Cancer

Americans are more likely to survive a cancer diagnosis today than at any other time in history, thanks to the incredible advances in treatments fueled by biomedical research.

Today, one in 21 Americans is a cancer survivor. Moreover, the percentage of the U.S. population living with, through, or beyond cancer has more than tripled in the last 50 years.

Please take a moment to watch cancer survivor Kim Alexander discuss her inspiring journey and then explore further to learn more about cancer and the importance of cancer research. 



  • What Is Cancer?: Get an introduction to the science of cancer.

  • What Is Cancer Research?: Learn about basic, clinical, population, and translational research.

  • Cancer Types: Explore detailed information on the many diseases we call cancer, including prevention, screening, and treatment options.

  • Prevention: Learn how to reduce your risk for developing cancer.

  • Clinical Trials: Find out more about clinical trials.

  • AACR Cancer Progress Report: The annual  AACR Cancer Progress Report details the latest developments against cancer.

  • FDA Approvals: Learn about recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration approvals of products for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is a 501c3 registered nonprofit organization with offices at 615 Chestnut Street, 17th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 | 215.440.9300